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Our Projects

We build projects that last

Quality is one of the major concerns we care about in all our operational activities .The materials used in various projects are purchased from certified and recognized vendors. We never compromise on quality in any stage of service deliverance. Every norms of construction industry is strictly followed and implemented. 

Ambadnya Lifesciences


1st Floor RCC slab with Second floor MS structure shed, Ground floor renovation work, land development work with 500 KL. underground Water Tank.

Nirbhay Rasayan (N-96/ 1)
52250 sq.ft


Total 30mtr. Height of building, from 7.5 mtr. to 8.5mtr. slab height, 1000KL. Underground ETP tank, 600 KL. ETP tank at ground level, 500 KL. Overhead tank, Kota flooring with epoxy filling, Chimney foundation & Boiler foundation.

Enicar Pharmaceuticals
101000 sq.ft


New New building plinth designed for pile cap foundation with height of building 28 mtr. Ground + 1 , 2, & 3 floor RCC slab, Terrace MS structure shed & other site development works.

Impulse Pharma
36040 sq.ft


- 3rd floor RCC slab work + Terrace MS structure shed, 26000sft. Old plant renovation & other site development works.

Ghanshyam Packaging (J-212-212/1)
30000 sq.ft


(RCC Building & MS Structure shed)

Kamla Lifesciences


25000 sft. Basement work & two 70 x 30 mtr. beam less RCC flat cap slab with 7.5 mtr. height.

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